Program Coordinator: Jacqui Strickland

Class Length: 45 Minutes - One Hour

Girls & Boys Ages Crawling to Five

Our Preschool Gymnastics program offers a separate area filled with colorful exciting equipment. Each week we introduce a new theme to promote body awareness and self-expression through the motion of gymnastics. Our Preschool Program is a stepping stone for children that would one day want to join our competitive program.


Parent Tot


AGES: Boys & Girls Ages 0-3


A 45 minute gymnastics class for boys and girls ages 0-3 years which requires parent participation.  This class enables them to experience a variety of physical activities designed to enhance and develop gross motor skills, coordination and social interaction.  This cooperative play, along with the guidance of their parents and instructor in a structured environment, will help children learn to concentrate and focus their minds.



AGES: Boys & Girls 2.5 - 3.5 (Invite Only)


A 45 minutes gymnastics class is teacher recommended for toddlers, ages 2 1/2-3 1/2 that have good listening skills and are ready to be on their own.  We keep a low ratio because the child will be on their own out in the gym working on stations and small circuits to further develop fine and gross motor skills.  They use scaled down equipment made especially for their smaller bodies, as well as trampoline and tumble track.



AGES: Boys & Girls Ages 3-4


A 45 minute gymnastics class for 3-4 year old children, designed for the development of gymnastics, which includes the use of scaled down preschool equipment as well as the use of the full size tumble track, trampoline, foam pit and rope.  Children will work on basic gymnastics positions such as tuck, pike, straddle, squat and lunge.  They will also being working on skills such as handstands, cartwheels and rolls.  The children will learn how to work well with others and improve their fine and gross motor skills, including hand eye coordination and reading readiness, all while learning gymnastics!



AGES: Boys & Girls Ages 4-5


A 60 minute gymnastics class that is more skill-oriented than our Tadpole or Guppies classes.  There is more structure with an emphasis on     gymnastics skills. While still focused on fun, this class will encourage greater gymnastics development because of an extended 15 minutes of class time.  This allows the student to stay focused on learning skills.  They use all of the gymnastics equipment including uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline and tumble track.  Tumbling activities include handstands, cartwheels and bridges.

Advanced Preschool


AGES: Girls Ages 3-5 (Invite Only)


This 60 minute class is teacher recommended and is designed for 4-5 year old girls with great listening skills and a natural ability for gymnastics.  This class is for advanced pre school children who have advanced past the level of a pre school class.  This class will give the children a better understanding of body awareness and learn to focus on more specific gymnastics skills gearing them for more advanced classes or team in the future.