preschool gymnastics

Our Preschool Program at Jersey Shore Gymnastics is designed for kids under the age of five years old. Gymnastics helps young kids develop their motor skills in a safe environment with proper instruction. At Jersey Shore Gymnastics Academy we take pride in our ability to provide a safe, healthy and clean environment for all of our athletes to have fun and achieve their goals!

Preschool Gymnastics

Program Coordinator: Jacqui Strickland

Class Length: 45 Minutes - One Hour

Girls & Boys Ages Crawling to Five

Our Preschool Gymnastics program offers a separate area filled with colorful exciting equipment. Each week we introduce a new theme to promote body awareness and self-expression through the motion of gymnastics. Our Preschool Program is a stepping stone for children that would one day want to join our competitive program.


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Little Ninja

Program Coordinator: Kevin Strickland

Class Length: 45 Minutes Girls & Boys

Ages Crawling to Five

Little Ninjas is skill based and geared just for little boys and girls on energy overload. Students learn to navigate obstacles with strength, coordination and confidence. Students express themselves through "Ninja" style moves and learn to channel their energy towards a focused goal.


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