Jersey Shore Gymnastics Academy Policies

It is our goal here at Jersey Shore Gymnastics to provide a safe environment for all of our athletes, families and staff while also providing a healthy learning environment.  The following policies are in place to help achieve that goal.

Gym Rules

  1. Follow directions
  2. Children must wait inside the building for a parent to pick you up
  3. Children must wait in the lobby or designated area for class to begin.  Children are not permitted on the equipment without a coaches supervision.
  4. Long hair must be pulled back into a pony tail
  5. Leotard or flexible clothing should be worn.  (no jeans, buttons, zippers, socks or tights)
  6. No running in the gym unless instructed by a coach
  7. No food, chewing gum or drinks are permitted inside the gym.  WATER ONLY!
  8. No jewelry should be worn during gymnastics class
  9. If you are unsure about a policy/rule please feel free to ask a JSGA Staff Member
  10. One person is permitted on the trampoline at a time.  No jumping off the trampoline.
  11. No shoes in the gym

Return Check Fee

All returned checks will be subject to a $30 return check fee.

Monthly Fees

JSGA tuition is based on a monthly schedule.  Tuition is billed on the 15th of each month.  Monthly fees are due on the 25th of the month.  This payment will secure your spot in the class for the following month.

JSGA tuition is based on a 48 week year.

JSGA will be closed on the following days:

April 21 - April 28

May 24 - May 27

July 1 - July 8

August 31 -September 6

October 31

November 22

December 23 - January 1

JSGA Memberships

Month to Month Membership

  • 2 month commitment is required
  • Credit Card on file is required
  • Membership begins on the 1st full month of contract.
  • 1st months tuition will be prorated according to the start date.

Six Month Membership

  • 6 month commitment is required
  • Credit Card on file is required
  • Membership begins on the 1st full month of contract.
  • 1st months tuition will be prorated according to the start date.
  • 10% off monthly tuition

One Year Membership

  • 1 Year commitment is required
  • Credit Card on file is required
  • Membership begins on the 1st full month of contract.
  • 1st months tuition will be prorated according to the start date.
  • 20% off monthly tuition

Make Up Policy

ATTENDANCE for your athlete is not the gym’s responsibility.  Please make sure your child shows up with sufficient time to get ready for class. If you know your athlete will be missing one or more classes, please let the office know at least 24 hours in advance.

MAKE-UP CLASSES are available for missed classes under the following conditions:

  • The CURRENT MONTH’s fees must be paid in full.
  • Make-up classes must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance thru the office staff.
  • Make-up classes scheduled and not taken are considered a completed make up.
  • Please schedule make-ups within 2 days of classes missed.  Make-up classes can only be scheduled for within 30 days.
  • There are no Make-up classes given for holidays or JSGA “closed days” as fees are based on a four-week month.  A calendar of your four classes is always available in the office and on the website.
  • Please call when your student will be absent so we know we can schedule make-ups in otherwise full classes.
  • Makeups can not be transferred to other students.
  • Makeups may only be scheduled in classes that have available space.
  • You can use open gym as your makeup as long as you are pre-registered.
  • No makeups will be allowed after termination of JSGA contract.
  • No makeups will be allowed while account is on hold.

Contract Early Termination

Early termination is available for 6 month/1 year contracts.

If you choose to terminate your contract, the discount that has been applied for the months that the contract was fulfilled will be owed.  Termination fee will vary according to discounts applied.

Withdrawal Policy

All students are registered for the month unless a withdrawal form is completed by the 14th of the month.  Written notification of withdrawal is required to the Front Desk  prior to tuition being posted on the 15th.  Payment is required at that time through the final date of withdrawal.  Refunds will not be given on monthly fees already posted.  Withdrawals will not be taken over the phone.

Once a withdrawal form is completed, the gymnast’s spot in class will not be held.  If no withdrawal form is completed, fees are due for the following month

Download Withdrawal Form

Emergency Closing Policy

Closing decisions will be made at least 1 hour prior to event or class start time. As a reminder closing and delays are always for the safety of our customers and staff!

  1. We will email you
  2. Call the gym - (609) 829-2184
  3. Check our Facebook Page
  4. Check our Instagram Page
  5. Check our website:

Class Policy

JSGA class instructors are subject to change.

JSGA classes are subject to close due to low enrollment.  There must be a minimum of 3 children enrolled in a call for the class to remain active.   If a class is closed due to low enrollment, the family must pick an alternative class.

Drop Off & Pick Up Policy

DROP OFF: Gymnasts should not be dropped off more than 15 minutes prior to the start of their class or practice.  A fee of $1 per min will apply.  If you need to drop your child off early, please contact our office to let them know ahead of time

PICK UP: Please insure your gymnast is picked up promptly following their class or practice. JSGA does charge a late pick up fee of $1 per min after the first 15 minutes following the ending of their class/practice.  If you are going to be late, please call our office to let them know.